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Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer
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Student Presentations

(High School or College
General Life Skills and Athletes)


Are you searching for a Keynote speaker for: graduation, an assembly, sports, or other school event? I have spoken to thousands of students over the years and bring a positive message of achievement, goal setting, possibilities, and life planning. Keynotes are high energy, humorous, uplifting, and memorable! I can connect with and also custom build a unique presentation for your student body or athletic group.

Learning/Career Skills

1. Memory Improvement and Test Taking Skills
2. Speed Reading and Comprehension Improvement
3. Natural Talent and Genetic Skills Testing for Major or Career Determination
4. Job Interviewing Techniques
5. People Reading for Relationship/Team Building
6. Work Ethic and Advancing in a Career
7. Goal Setting and Life Planning

Sports Teams/Student Athletes/Coaching Staff
(Training and Consulting)

I have had the opportunity to work for more than ten years with High School female championship: coaches, gymnasts, divers, and pole vaulters.

Both of my daughters and many team members have had the opportunity to gain skills rapidly, physically and mentally, then compete successfully on state and national levels, under high pressure. Psychological performance enhancement training and biofeedback is critical to performing under high stress and pressure. Many techniques used in subconscious conditioning can be directly applied to sports performance enhancement for motor skills and muscle memory. Historically, Russian Olympians were the first to experiment with these mental and physical conditioning methods with tremendous success.

I can teach and train in these techniques as well.

1. How to use Mental Rehearsals to Improve Motor Skills, Muscle Memory and Fast Reaction in Sports Skills
2. How to use Visualization Techniques for Subconscious Sports Skill Enhancement
3. Team Motivation Techniques Under Stress and Pressure
4. Video Training and Instant Biofeedback Training
5. How to overcome "choking" under pressure

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Author

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