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Executive/Board Team Coaching

I have discovered over the years in working with hundreds of groups, that most executives, junior executives, and board members are individual achievers. They are very capable of building a "kingdom" of subordinates under them. They also tend to not like others meddling in their operations.

This is not an efficient way to run a company or organization. While individual achievement is to be celebrated. Everyone has inherent weaknesses and cannot by themselves always think of the best solution to problems.

High performance teams mitigate the weaknesses of each member, while capitalizing on their natural talents. They work together to generate plans, respectfully listening to the advice of their peers, without letting "big ego" get in the way.

Most busy executives have had their fill of boring team building seminars. However, very few practice true team principles. They are too busy running their "kingdom".

If your leadership team suffers from: lack of peer communication, trust, respect, no team goals, no team spirit, or would simply like to perform at a higher level; then contact me. A street-smart outsider can often expose core problems and resolve them!

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Author

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