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Natural Talent and Genetic Skills Testing

Test purchase includes 1 hour of professional consultation with Dr. Mike

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, fill it out, then send it directly to Dr. Kiefer for analysis. There are three ways to submit your answers - USPS Mail, Email, or via a secure Online Form. Your test will include the access link for the online format of the test.

There is a strong need in our society for this unique type of testing! Most High School and College students are lost in regard to selecting a major. Most adults become disenchanted with their careers in their late 20's because they are in the wrong job. Dislocated workers are struggling to recareer themselves and don't know what to do. Project teams usually have no idea what natural talent people have on their team. HR staff usually do psychological tests for new hires but, nothing in regard to natural talent testing.

We have a 100+ question proprietary, intuitive, reflective test that gives excellent results in regard to determining natural talents and genetic skills.

In my many years of research on The Powermind Project studying peak performers, one characteristic was clear. They all based their careers on their natural talents! This gave them a competitive advantage and allowed them to quickly rise to the top of their field, thus becoming 'peak performers'.

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Author

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