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Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer
22320 Albatross Cir
Farmington, MN 55024

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Safety and Accident Prevention
through Employee Wellness

In this unique workshop series employees will learn about the psychology of wellness and methods they can apply in their daily lives to reduce their personal risk of injury at work and at home. Lost work time, health care costs, slips, trips, falls, back injuries, leg, ankle, knee, even heart attack, diabetes and stroke risk can all be dramatically decreased with these potentially life-saving, cost saving workshops!

1. Safety, Nutrition, and the Psychology of Body Weight - Health, Hope, and How to Change
(1 Day workshop - can be delivered in 2 half days or 3 sessions)
Dr. Kiefer walks you through his personal lifetime struggle with obesity from being bullied as a "big kid" in school, to his amazing mental turning point, to middle age success. A lifetime of preventable safety accidents and lost work time, including car accidents, sleep apnea, stroke and chronic back issues will be explored and explained. Learn how to recondition your mind about common poor quality foods with no nutritive value and dangerous health risks. Kiefer debunks popular norms on social eating, comfort foods, depression eating, celebration eating and peer pressure eating. Discover the trap of junk food childhood conditioning, teenage fast food conditioning, bad college eating habits and how to reverse them. Learn why most diet and exercise programs lead to a vicious cycle of continuous failure. By changing your personal view of food, you will never eat the same again! If you have a sincere desire to decrease your risk of accidents, become healthier, more productive and achieve your body weight goal, this is an important workshop for you! Your accident risk can be decreased! No weight loss system, magic exercise machine, miracle pill or gym program will work, unless you change your mind-set. You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet! Kiefer was able to lose 50lbs. in 5 months. Blood pressure and cholesterol dropped dramatically as well as waistline and neck size. Stroke recovery was rapid with minimal impact! His wife was also part of an 8 year study and Kiefer will reveal her stunning blood panel results showing documented drops in cholesterol and triglycerides in one year of using this technique as well as her weight loss. Bonus: Kiefer reveals the genetics of thyroid function diseases that impact body weight.

2. Exercise, Accident Prevention, Eating Journals, and Little Known Facts About Addictive Food Additives and Genetically Engineered Milk
(1 Day workshop - can be delivered in 2 half days or 3 sessions)
Improved fitness increases reflexes enabling a person to prevent common accidents. Small improvements can have dramatic positive impacts. There are many little known factors involved with fitness, weight gain and loss. Your personal risk of injury at work and at home as well as serious health problems all exponentially increase with increased body weight and decreases reflexes! The good news is the reverse is also true ... small improvements also exponentially reduce your accident risks and improve your overall health. Kiefer reveals some of these personal improvement ideas and myths such as: the highly addictive effects and blood pressure increases caused by partially hydrogenated vegetable oil... especially when combined with salt or sugar, childhood "clean plate" eating, daily sugar and water intake, dangers of processed boxed food, candy, donuts and carbohydrates. Kiefer debunks food myths surrounding eggs, white bread, wheat bread, pasta, fish, nuts, avocados, soda, energy drinks, protein shakes and more! Learn how to determine where your body's weight gain/loss balance point is. Learn about the 13 day shock process to switch your body's metabolism from gain or maintain to loss. Learn the reason why rapid weight loss is not bad for you, benefits of sweat exercising 20 minutes or less a day, and how to progress from treadmill to elliptical to the amazing beneficial health and metabolism effects of a stair mill and Jacob's Ladder! In class activities include creating a personal vision board with body weight and fitness goals and how to start a nutrition and daily exercise journal.

3. Stress Reduction, Life Balance, and Achievement Skills
(Half-day workshop)
This session focuses on specific techniques to help you stay physically healthy and mentally balanced by controlling your daily thoughts from the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed at night. Medical research studies in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) have clearly demonstrated that your mental attitude has a direct and immediate impact on your energy level and immune system. Some of this striking research from the Rochester Institute of Technology will be presented along with practical daily techniques. You will learn the dangers of getting caught up in: "chatter", fake news, keeping up with the Joneses syndrome and negative friends. Learn how to use thought substitution, a ten step balanced goal setting method, wish listing, vision boards, the power of "I Am," affirmations, hobbies and a surefire 7 step rapid achievement formula. Bonus- Kiefer illustrates the use of life balance and high achievement with his research and work with his daughter Alexis as a case study.

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer has B.S. and M.S. degrees in genetic engineering and a Ph.D. in psychology. He is the author of 8 books on goal setting and achievement including The Powermind System. He is an adjunct professor at 9 colleges and is a board member of the State Sponsored Minnesota Business Wellness Initiative.

Dr. Michael Monroe Kiefer

Professional Speaker | Author

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